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When even washing the dishes seems like too much work …

So you’ve reached that “special age”. The age of reason, of sophistication, of, well, exhaustion.

Remember those ads for washing up liquid peddling the joys of bubbles that would leave your hands soft as soft can be? Nowadays you’re praying for someone else’s hands to do the dishes. Even unloading a dishwasher, if you’re lucky enough to have one, is just too much work

Here are some simple tips for when your hands hurt, your feet ache and your brain just says “no way”.


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Cleaning: little and often is the way to go …
  • Drop your standards. The quickest fix of all. Seriously – it takes about a nanosecond and will save you hours of work
  • You don’t need to polish wooden furniture. A damp dust is more than enough. Save the beeswax (or the aerosol) for when you have the time and inclination. It also stops a build up on the surface which would attract more dust. So it saves you even more time.
  • Use the tv adverts to tidy up. They generally only last 3 minutes but you can get a lot picked up and put away in that time. Plus you’ve a built in timer. As soon as the adverts stop, so do you..
  • 3 minutes’ pick up and put away before bedtime should be enough to make a visible difference in your kitchen or livingroom.


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Don’t go to extremes with your laundry!
  • Pre sort your laundry into those net laundry bags. It only takes a few minutes as you go along and saves you rummaging at the bottom of the laundry basket for that last odd sock. Just stick all the lights in one, the darks in another, and when each one is full, just pop it in the washing machine
  • Do half loads as much as possible. Saves time loading and unloading plus less wear and tear on your joints when carrying the washing.


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Quick cooking tips

Firstly I’m not going to suggest batch cooking. Yes, everyone says how much time it saves – and it does. But this is a sprint, not a marathon so:

  • Embrace your microwave. Well, not literally … not unless you really want to? It is a thing although I swear mine has a personality. Microwave rice cookers are wonderful and, since it takes real skill to burn the rice in one, they are also really easy to wash up – saving you even more time.
  • Use a pressure cooker. Everything cooks in a fraction of the time and it’s just as tasty. You can also buy an electric one these days – much less scary! Here’s a link to a review of my one.

I hope these suggestions can save you some time and effort. Do you have any tips of your own on making the most of your time?

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  1. My new pressure cooker is sitting on my work surface,as virginal as when it left the factory. My friend Jackie bought one,and sang its praises so much,I thought,that’s just the thing,I will get one.However,New Year new me, I shall learn to use it. The poor thing won’t join the food processor,and the Kenwood Chef,neither of which have been used.This is the year I will get in touch with my inner domestic goddess,and produce,delightful meals,and beautiful baking,with not a soggy bottom in sight.

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