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UK based Kindle authors

You may have read a previous post on authors I first discovered on Kindle – women who wrote pacy, lighthearted “cozy mysteries”. You can tell by the spelling that they were all American!

Now it’s the turn of UK authors and here are two I particularly enjoy. They’ve very different writing styles but both are worth a look.

Mark Dawson.

Mark is a prolific writer of thrillers. He writes three different series so is particularly good if you like to follow a character across titles. His biggest series is about a disillusioned former assassin called John Milton.

Milton is a troubled soul who wanders the globe both to avoid detection by his former employers and, on the way, making amends for his former role.

Mark also has a character called Beatrix Rose, a crossover character from the Milton series who is equally troubled. Another former assassin, forced into hiding. In many ways she’s tougher and scarier than the Milton character. She’s introduced in the John Milton series, going on to feature in half a dozen novels/novellas, charting her descent into despair and destruction and what comes after.

I started reading Mark’s book with one of the Beatrix novellas and got hooked. I wouldn’t normally be all that fussed by this particular genre, but Mark’s books have changed my mind.

Both series are pacy and packed full of action. The only negative for me is Mark’s tendency towards extremely detailed descriptions of weaponry, helicopters, etc. But I’m sure that as much as I skip over those to get to the – for me – more exciting parts, there will be others who’ll love them.

Mark also has another series, Soho Noir which I haven’t yet got around to reading.

Robert Thorogood

This is an author I came across on Bookbub and didn’t realise I already knew. He’s the writer of the “Death in Paradise” tv series, a huge favourite of mine. He’s now writing novels set on the same island with the series’ original detective, DI Richard Poole.  You may remember the character. The Inspector was a London detective who ended up in the Caribbean. He couldn’t let go of his woollen suits and ties and was constantly grumpy. He was in the first two series and Robert had brought him back for the novels – three so far, the latest being “Death Knocks Twice”.

Unlike Mark Dawson’s books, these are a much gentler read in the finest Christie/Sayers tradition.

The books are fairly short and rattle along nicely.They’re great for brightening up a rainy Sunday and are ideal holiday reads.

So have you discovered any great authors on Kindl? Please share if you have – always love to find a new favourite read …


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