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Use your coffee break to find sites to save you time and money

I love to browse through other people’s’ favourite websites, cup in hand. Today I’m going to show you my favourite 3 UK-based money saving sites. I hope you’ll find them interesting or, at the least, useful.

There are so many to choose from but I’d say that the first, and best, for me is

Known to members as MSE, the site was set up by Martin Lewis – well known on tv and radio for his sound advice on saving money. You’ll find him regularly on Radio 2 and he has his own show on ITV.

The site isn’t all about thriftiness. It’s more about getting the best value for money, whether you’re spending a lot or a little. He constantly asks you to check whether a) you can afford it and if so then b) can you get it cheaper elsewhere. The team send out weekly emails rounding up the best offers of the week.

There is a well used forum covering just about every aspect of saving money you can think of.  There are boards on travel, diy, technology, and so on. To me, the best part though is the “Old Style” board which is all about thrift. There’s advice on saving the old fashioned way. It is a thriving, lively board with members of all ages chipping in with advice on everything from growing your own vegetables to cutting your own hair. To support the board Martin’s produced another book, with profits going to charity, called “Thrifty Ways for Modern Days.”

There’s also a handy reminder service to let you know when it’s time to change energy providers plus a free credit report. This not  you your credit score but shows you where you can make improvements to your score and which credit cards and loans you’re likely to get. This is particularly useful as each application can affect your score it saves you applying for cards or loans which you’re unlikely to get in any case.

Martin’s book “The Money Diet” is an excellent resource and widely available in libraries, to save you even more money! He’s written a couple of other books I haven’t checked out yet but you can see them here.

I can’t recommend Martin Lewis’ site highly enough. I’ve loved MSE for years and it has saved me a ton of money in that time. But there are a couple of other UK sites that also offer ways to save cash, and make some too.

This site, produced by Andy Webb, comes a close second to MSE. It hasn’t been around for as long as MSE and has a tighter focus but I’ve made quite a few savings using the advice on here. Again you can have semi regular emails sent out with a note of up to date savings and his podcasts.

A site I’ve come across more recently is by Nick Daws

Nicks’ site is aimed at the over 50s and is well worth a look if you’re interested in dipping your toes into the investment market, whatever your age! Nick has been a freelance writer for many years and I’ve included a link to his Amazon page for you to check out.

Is a new site written by Emma Drew with a more specific money making focus. You may have come across Emma if you’re a fan of “Superscrimpers” where she helped the nation save money on a regular basis. Emma has another site I’ve been following regularly – offering advice on making and saving money. I’ve recently come across the new site but like the way it’s organised. She has categories such as “passive income”, “matched betting”, “cashback”, etc and have found a couple of useful tips on first look.

It may also interest you to know that Emma’s husband, Tony, has a money saving site called”. This link will take you straight to the money saving section.

Finally there’s by Fiona Hawkes. Although there is a local slant to the site (as you can guess from the title) there are a lot of useful money saving tips. The link takes you to an interesting post on how to save money at her local Center Parcs – not the easiest of undertakings!

I hope these sites will prove useful. If you’ve any you’d like to share, please let us know …






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