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Starting a blog for fun

So you may be considering whether it’s worth starting a blog. I started this blogging journey not that long ago and it’s been interesting. In some senses it’s easier than it looks but in most – much harder!

It’s made me realise that there will be other people out there who might want to start blogging but are worried about what’s involved. So, with your permission, I thought I’d tell you a little about my blogging journey so far …

The beginning …

While I was considering writing a blog I came across Emma Drew of Emma has an online course and workbook which go through the process of setting up a blog. I found this to be quite helpful as she is UK based and the advice is geared towards beginners. I’m intending to offer a link to her course and will post this later.

There are quite a few decisions to be made at this stage but the most important one is the name of the blog. I know – obvious yes? But it’s a little more involved than you might think. The name you’ve set your heart on could already have been taken. For example you might think “” is the perfect name but someone has already used it. So you could use the same name but with on it or .net even.

Decide whether you want a free or paid site

If you’re just starting off then you may wonder whether it’s worth paying when there are a lot of free sites out there. Well, that’s fair enough. If you just want to get your thoughts out there then free is fine.

But if you want to make money from the site at any time in the future then you might want to consider paying for hosting. A free site is great but the name can be unwieldy as you’d have to include the hosting platform’s name in it, making for a long title. The hosting company can also decide at any time they like to pull the plug on your site leaving you with nothing to show for your work.

Get good, up to date, advice

Again, obvious, but there’s a lot of bad, out of date advice out there so take your time to go through reputable and reliable options

A site I wish I’d come across before I started blogging is run by Emma Farmer. She has lots of advice on growing a blog, using Instagram, etc – areas I’m now working on.

I’m intending to add to this post (or possibly start a short series of posts) as I go along. Please let me know if that would be of interest? And if you’ve any blogging stories to share, please do!



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