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For those of you with a delicate disposition or a dislike of gratuitous violence, the name “Arya Stark” may not be familiar. Arya is a pivotal character in “A Song of Ice and Fire” the popular novels by George R R Martin, more commonly known to the rest of us as the hit TVs series “Game of Thrones”

On the face of it, neither the tv series nor incredibly lengthy books are female friendly. Taking into account murder, battles, incest, rape and dismemberment (literally) it’s not by any means chick lit. Nor is it “great literature”. But that’s not the point. The point is this: Arya is the voice of reason in an unreasonable universe. She takes her lot in life and kicks it in the unmentionables.

The character starts out as a child and by this point is a teenager with a grudge and a sword called “Needle”. Through many misadventures she has grown from cheeky tomboy into a dangerous young woman who can assume the identity of those she has killed in order to kill again.

Now I’ll admit that she is just a teensy bit scary by this point. She’s witnessed her father’s execution, heard of her mother and brother’s murders, been kidnapped and taken much gory, gruesome and brutal revenge on those who have wronged her. And yet she is the shining light throughout the story. (This, by the way, tells you a lot about the story as a whole. Be warned!)

The reason this is because she remains true to herself. She is, by nature, a fighter. A warrior. A “nameless man.” And for every petty insult; for every misogynistic put down and for every man who thinks “sweetheart” is your given name. For all of these I would ask you this – what would Arya do?

And the answer would be – something that would get you sent down for a long, long time!!┬áSo┬áplease don’t do an Arya. But do think of her. In the worst of circumstances she has honour and courage and truly knows herself. She doesn’t let anyone tell her what she should be. Is she morally questionable at times? Well, yes. But she has her own morality and from that she never wavers

So this is my advice. There is only one you. Be yourself as hard as you can be. Be strong and brave and let Arya be your hero too!

And if you want to know a little more about “Game of Thrones” you can read my earlier post here.




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